Armadillo Shield, a specialist consultancy providing security & fire systems advice, auditing and solutions. Working closely with clients we create bespoke policy and designs that provide a safe, secure environment whilst not feeling restricted.

Armadillo Shield is an independent consultancy, this means our clients will always receive the best advice based solely on their needs without preference to any other organisation. Based in the South East of England the company provides confidence and piece of mind to its clients by offering sound solutions to minimise crime and loss.

We believe that the role of the consultant is to discuss and understand the clients safety and security requirements then provide a clear and comprehensive solution. This process gives the client the information needed to confidently implement any recommendations.

Using the consultant to oversee any installation will give further piece of mind, by being independent of the installer the consultant will ensure that costs are closely controlled and that the end product is correctly delivered, demonstrated and most importantly, understood.

At Armadillo Shield we feel it is important to understand that security does not have to be invasive. With experience in providing systems for listed and historic buildings Armadillo Shield can provide solutions that are effective whilst being unobtrusive and will completely accommodate the day to day operation of a client or business.

On our Client Services page you will find a list of typical roles Armadillo Shield will perform for its clients

Recent Updates

Armadillo Shield - Online CPD

Taking advantange of more CPD courses now bieng delivered online, recent CPD undertaken:

  • Fire Alarm Systems: BS:5839-6 updates and how it can work with BS:5839-1 (Domestic v Commercial fire alarm standards)

  • The Secure Environment : ‘Designing Out Crime’ & ‘Secured By Design’

  • CCTV (Video Surveillance): Cybersecurity & compliance with GDPR (DPA 2018)

Technology and Covid-19

A number of manufacturers are now offering technology to assist clients managing Covid-19 in the workplace. Most of these systems will control access to office spaces using biometric data taken from people approaching and wishing to enter the building. These system are evolving rapidly, some more effective than others, Armadillo Shield are able to advise clients on which systems may be appropriate and how the data should be managed under the GDPR.

Armadillo Shield remains open for business - Covid-19

Covid-19 is playing a significant part in all our daily lives, Armadillo Shield continue to work though the pandemic, adopting new, safe working practices both in our office and for working on our client sites. A written, Risk Assessment is completed, and issued to our clients prior to visiting them considering the requirements of all parties involved.

Updated Domestic Fire Alarm Standards

April 2019 saw the release of BS 5839-6 2019, the standard for installing fire alarm & detection within domestic properties. The document is a complete refresh of the previous version (2013). It makes changes to some of the system grades and takes into account the publication of BS 5839-1:2017 and other standards published since the last full revision of BS 5839-6

Armadillo Shield & HikVision

Armadillo Shield recently visited HikVision’s renovated offices in Stockley Park, UK to see their updated range of video system equipment and training facilities. Working with their Consultant BDM’s Armadillo Shield can stay up to date with the latest product releases and undergo continued training to ensure that the right solutions are delivered to our clients.

Updated Fire Alarm and Alarm Signalling Standards

On 1st September 2017, BS 5839-1 2017 was released. The biggest change appears to be the recommendation for the inclusion of call point covers, there are other more subtle changes such as the clarity over the definition and testing of multi-sensor devices, video fire detection, and an annex detailing the correct procedure for detector selection to minimise false alarms.

BS 5839-1 2017 makes reference to another standard, PD6669:2017. Within this document new alarm transmission system categories have been introduced (SP3+ and DP2+)

Updated Intruder and Hold Up Alarm Standards PD6662:2017

The latest version of the UK's implementation of European Standards is released August 2017 to supersede the 2010 edition and IA 1501:2015. It includes and updated set of referenced standards and some minor wording changes. The biggest change is likely to be Annexe 5 which details how intruder systems may be controlled by remote equipment or a “Remote Non-I&HAS Interface” such as home automation or CCTV system.The latest version of the UK's implementation of European Standards is released August 2017 to supersede the 2010 edition and IA 1501:2015. It includes and updated set of referenced standards and some minor wording changes. The biggest change is likely to be Annexe 5 which details how intruder systems may be controlled by remote equipment or a “Remote Non-I&HAS Interface” such as home automation or CCTV system.

Updated Intruder and Hold Up Alarm Standards

An Industry Agreement for the design and operation of intruder alarm systems, IA 1501:2015, has been published as an interim update of PD6662:2010 prior to a full revision expected during 2016.

Design and installation company’s should now design systems to comply with the requirements IA 1501:2015 in conjunction with PD 6662:2010 for all Intruder and Hold-up Alarm Systems (I&HAS).

Armadillo Shield join the Axis Consultancy Program

In order to provide solid IP CCTV solutions Armadillo Shield was invited to join the Axis Consultancy Program. The Consultancy Program provides exclusive access to their range of CCTV equipment specifications and training sessions. Axis have been manufacturing IP CCTV equipment since 1996 and were the first company in the world to release an IP CCTV camera.

Armadillo Shield are Milestone Certified

After attending a three day training course Andrew completed the 'Milestone Advance Certification' on their Enterprise VMS products. Andrew has also attended courses on the Professional VMS product.

Recent Projects

Metropolitan Cathedral Church and Basilica of Saint Chad

Armadillo Shield is working with the Archdiocese of Birmingham on the review and updating of the fire alarm systems the Metropolitan Cathedral Church and Basilica of Saint Chad, a 19th Century Cathedral. The update includes the replacement of obsolete radio equipment across the complex and then modification and recommissioning of aspirating systems. The property was surveyed during the latter parts of the Covid-19 lockdown whilst the cathedral was closed to minimise contact with public and staff and keep our staff safe.

Hackney Housing Office - London

Armadillo Shield are working with the London Borough of Hackney to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour on and around many of its housing estates. Armadillo Shield have been carrying out research into the types of offences and providing practical solutions on how to reduce offences and minimise disturbance to residents.

Clandon Park House - Surrey

Clandon Park House was devastated by a fire mid 2015, Armadillo Shield have been appointed to design and manage the installation of a high performance video surveillance system to protect the site during the salvage and restoration works.

As the property moves into the rebuild phase Armadillo Shield continues to work with the client to ensure effective security & fire safety solutions are fully incorporated into the new designs.

Bridge Academy - E2

When the Academy facilities management team wanted to review their security operations Armadillo Shield provided a full tender document including system drawings and technical performance specifications for the installation of a new intruder detection system and the updating of their access control.

Knole House - Kent

Knole House, a significant mansion house in Sevenoaks, is undergoing a £20M conservation and renovation project which runs to 2019. Armadillo Shield have been appointed to provide security consultancy during the works. This includes updating of the CCTV to a full IP solution and work on the Intruder Alarm systems.

Following the introduction of the CPR back in July 2013 the property have also embarked on a four year programme to update and replace their fire alarm. Armadillo Shield have been appointed to provide technical design and management services throughout the project. The fire alarm replacement works dovetails with other major projects at the property which Armadillo Shield are also involved in.

Mount Stewart - County Down, NI

Mount Steward is a house in Northern Ireland which is currently concluding an £8M renovation. Armadillo Shield have been contracted to review and troubleshoot the Fire and Security installations and manage the final commissioning process. As part of the project Armadillo Shield will provide additional works scoping documents and the collation and validation of operating manuals. A blog of the project can be found here https://ntmountstewartconservationproject.wordpress.com/.

Wimpole Hall - Cambridgeshire

Intruder and fire system audit and upgrade. Production of design specifications, drawings and full technical project management

Lanhydrock - Cornwall

External object protection systems design and commissioning audit

Gloucester Place

Fire Alarm design audit for two terrace town houses being renovated and converted to a number of flats.

Hollandgreen - W8 (site of former Commonwealth Institute building)

Fully integrated systems design for a £100M+ development of luxury apartments and the new home of the British Design Museum

Fullham Palace - SW6

Security systems audit and review carried out to rationalise management and cost following the transfer of Fulham Palace from the local authority to the Fulham Palace Trust.